Teufels Küche

When the devil is boiling, things get down to business. Nobody knows what’s on the table – but the ingredients are a clarinet, a cello and lots of percussion. There is singing, but also scrubbing, scraping and, of course, laughing, because the devil knows how to joke. He is the head chef who makes sure that nothing goes wrong.

But even the devil loses control on stage, at the latest when the instruments start to work on their own. A noise comes from every pot, every touch can produce a sound – and in the end everyone has cooked soup together.

Moritz Eggert has prepared a musical theater for young audiences with lots of vegetables, but also with verve and imagination – and it works without words, but is tastefully seasoned.

Premiered at Staatstheater Hannover

With the Portuguese artist Tiago Alexandre Fonseca, there is an expressive master chef. He lets the devil be a pretty good man. Lots of body comedy and happy laughter from the premiere children
– Stefan Gohlisch

All photos © Clemens Heidrich