Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Pig

Plotnek Productions presents the world première of “Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Pig”, at JW3. This is JW3’s first Jewish Pantomime, written by Nick Cassenbaum and directed by Abigail Anderson. Costume and set design are by Becky-Dee Trevenen, lighting design by Jo Palmer and musical direction by Josh Middleton. The cast is: Debbie Chazen (Dame Mother Hoodman), Josh Glanc (The Big Bad Pig), Gemma Barnett (Red), Lauren Silver (The Wolf), Tiago Fonseca (Bubbah), Ensemble – Tracy Bargate and Yael Elisheva plus musicians Josh Middleton, Maxie Cheer and Anna Lowenstein. Photographs © Jane Hobson.

This is not just any pantomime – it’s a Jewish pantomime, featuring all the tradition of Panto with Jewish storytelling. Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Pig is traditional Pantomime magic at its best, with classic panto favourites including: sloshing buckets, getting lost in the woods, panto baddies and a catchy finale song sheet! You’ll laugh, dance, sing along, and discover a whole new world of wonder, magic and vegetarian wolves.


“Tiago Fonseca’s cartwheeling, tenacious Jewish Bubbah”

Tamsin Flower


“Elsewhere the company all put in a fine shift, Tiago Fonseca’s Bubbah being a classy display of physical comedy in particular.”

Jonathan Baz


“There is of course a cross-dressing Dame-type Bubbah (grandma), played with stunning, tumbling panache by Tiago Fonseca (his backflips and somersaults in and out of the wings are particularly breathtaking).”

Judi Herman

Family Circus 2.0

Theatre, Circus & Sleep Deprivation


Two circus artists decide to have a child – and suddenly the world turns upside down. Trapeze training with sleep deprivation, stage rehearsals with baby brain, piece development while changing nappies. And is mum actually allowed to perform at the club at night while dad puts the child to bed?

We had a presentation of the first draft on the 14 & 15.10.2023 at the Cabuwazi Tempelhof,  in Berlin, Germany.  Photos taken by Kerstin Greusing.


Bamboo Circus R&D  is part of the Imagine Bamboo is Everywhere 2023 creative enquiry, UK.

Imagineer – Imagine Bamboo, Bedworth
Imagineer – Imagine Bamboo, Bedworth

Teufels Küche

When the devil is boiling, things get down to business. Nobody knows what’s on the table – but the ingredients are a clarinet, a cello and lots of percussion. There is singing, but also scrubbing, scraping and, of course, laughing, because the devil knows how to joke. He is the head chef who makes sure that nothing goes wrong.

But even the devil loses control on stage, at the latest when the instruments start to work on their own. A noise comes from every pot, every touch can produce a sound – and in the end everyone has cooked soup together.

Moritz Eggert has prepared a musical theater for young audiences with lots of vegetables, but also with verve and imagination – and it works without words, but is tastefully seasoned.

Premiered at Staatstheater Hannover

With the Portuguese artist Tiago Alexandre Fonseca, there is an expressive master chef. He lets the devil be a pretty good man. Lots of body comedy and happy laughter from the premiere children
– Stefan Gohlisch

All photos © Clemens Heidrich


How are we using smartphones? How does our body change when we use a smartphone? Are we more interested in our screens than in person sitting beside us? Are we becoming addicted to our smartphones or are they an extension of our brain or even a public space where we all meet virtually? Are we ever alone? How do we juggle through the impact technology has on our everyday life?

“NoMo” is a one man’s clown show about the contemporary phenomena of Smartphone Addiction. It is about the fear of missing out, in a world where you are no longer really alone.

Photos taken at Green Man Festival, in Wales, UK, 2023 by @twocatsintheyardphotography

Photos taken at the Fools Festival, in Belfast, UK, 2023.

Photos taken at Pantomina Festival, in Loures, Portugal, 2023.

Corrente d’Arte

Corrente D’ Arte is a cultural association that for the past 4 years has been developing in Lisbon many projects, such as Chapéus na Rua and Circo nos Mercados, two events that promote Circus and street arts within the Lisbon Community.

Circo nos Mercados

An initiative that takes circus shows to Lisbon’s traditional food markets.


Bridge is a new outdoor experience linking art, engineering and social change.

A Bridge appears in the centre of Grantham, Coventry and Worcester. For three days, the bridge is host to pop-up events and happenings until, on Saturday evening, it becomes the setting for an extraordinary and memorable performance with live theatre, circus, dance and music.

All photos by Andy Moore. 


Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory

Wander through a vista of flames and chemical reactions made all the more exciting and intriguing through an evocative and informative soundscape. Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory is a stunning interactive environment with ingenious fire installations for audiences of all ages.

Full of contraptions spitting fire like a homemade Mad Max set

– The Guardian

A complete overload of the senses

– Audience member, Bournemouth

At the centre of the Fire Laboratory Dr. Kronovator and his team prepare their experimental flame and steam-powered contraptions that audiences are invited to activate. The fire laboratory runs for three hours during an evening, with the option of further consecutive nights. Depending on the site, the fire laboratory can be ticketed to control numbers or generate income. It can hold between 200 – 300 people at any one time.

The Fire Laboratory has been created for festivals and seasonal events by EEA in association with Lightfires. Please contact us for booking information.


The Fire Fighters

Always on call and equipped with a 10ft ladder & Firemen’s pole, the Fire Fighters truly have all the gear but no idea! A hilarious walkabout packed with live acrobatics, comedy and slapstick humour!

Produced by Circadian Troupe >

“They really wowed the crowd with their physical prowess, charm and slapstick humour. Highly recommended!”

− Deb Mullins, Artistic Director, Emergency Exit Arts – Newham Carnival